ginger hotel

year: 2011
location: Pardubice
client: edit!
status: guerilla architecture

Trida Miru, the Avenue of Peace, in Pardubice (CZ) - the main urban boulevard of a confident flourishing city with a rich history. But Trida Miru is missing one tooth - the plot on the corner of the street Na Hradku has been empty for several years and is waiting for its future. Undoubtedly it’s the city’s interest to fill the gap in such a prominent location and to see here a building that would contribute to the public life in the city center. But the city is not the owner of the plot. What will happen with this place then? And what must happen to make something happen? We have decided to actively respond to this question. We believe that a civil initiative can achieve more than a mere lethargy and criticism. As it is our profession to edit the environment by designing buildings, we offer a possible solution within the bounds of our professional skills. We come up with a particular design proposal, which can be beneficial for the owner of the plot as well as for the city and its inhabitants. Our aim is to help to make something happen. At the same time we are wondering ourselves whether anything will happen. And what can happen then? Historical photographs suggest that by the year 1940 there was a single-storey house with a pitched roof. Later it was replaced by a prefabricated supermarket building, sold by the city together with the plot in a public auction in 2002, the demolition followed. Since then various types of temporary fencing ruin the charm of the main avenue. As the city of Pardubice has a lack of representative accommodation facilities, we consider a modern design hotel to be suitable and appropriate for this plot. We propose a five-storey building that doesn’t overtop its surroundings, yet it becomes a remarkable feature in the neighborhood. The façade of the hotel finds a free inspiration in the arcades of the local castle and the diamond vaults of the House at Jonas, however it clearly affirms its contemporary character. A cafe and a restaurant on the ground floor attract all passers-by. Bruce Willis would surely like it here.