sports complex Chrudim

year: 2014
place: Chrudim
size: 204 m2
client: město Chrudim
status: soutěžní návrh
cooperation: Jana Vichorcová, Tomáš Kopecký, Lukáš Komín

Our competition proposal for the transformation of a sports complex in the town of Chrudim

Sokol Sports Complex in Chrudim is situated on the major axis of amenities buildings, which smoothly rises from Ressel Square and is terminated by a marked mass of the former Sokol and follow-up Tyrš house. Although the resort has such an important position in the context of the city, currently operates as a barrier in the territory. The proposal aims are primarily access and connection to the premises of the surrounding buildings and public spaces.

Distribution of the desired program into discrete objects - pavilions, creating a porous urban structure, allowing visitors access to small Piazzetta between objects from several key locations following up the public space. As an important part of the design is the connection with the neighboring Michalským park dominated by the Church of St. Michael.

Distribution of the construction program to more independent objects allows extra desired on phasing of construction.

Object Sokol and especially its western façade Tyrš Square is feature to note for their views from the square. The tragedy of this beautiful building, which originally decided to remedy the restoration of the facade to its original state from 1892, should be again a "Landmark" of the entire complex.

The fact that the resort is surrounded by several schools require intense use of the Piazzetta and following Michael's park evenly throughout the day.