papershop Plojhar

year: 2012
České Budějovice
size: 180 m2
Plojhar s.r.o.
status: realized

The papershop of the Plojhar company is located on the groundfloor of a beautiful historical building with late baroque facade near the main square. It has been running since the 90s within the family tradition, the roots of the company specialized in cardboard packaging and formerly bookbinding reach as far as to 1888.

Although the original task of the owner included only the inetrior of the existing shop, we had convinced him to transform the whole groundfloor in order to reach the maximum effect. Its layout was a contrary to the typical marketing scheme - there was a storage along the street facade while the shop itself was hidden at the rear, accessible only via a long dark passage.

The main intention of the reconstruction was therefore the unification and interconnection (physical or visual) of the whole groundfloor area into a single spacious shop in a maximal contact with the street. Minor construction changes help to achieve this and remove non-historical sediments from later adaptations. All windows and doors were replaced, the floor was united to a continuous height and also the historical facade was renovated.

The new shop consists of four parts, each with different character and assortment so the furniture differs as well. Generally it was desirable to provide maximal adaptability. The prevailing white color unites the different materials, leaves the emphasis on the items and with matt surface evokes paper.

The front room next to the passage has direct contact with the street thanks to enlarged windows and minimal glazing. It is intended to serve almost as a gallery and expose the most interesting assortment. For its organic installation we designed a flexible block system made of cardboard taht the company can produce itself in its box factory. In order to save material three size of a leaf shape fit into each other as a russian matrjoska.