Puma social store Prague

year: 2012
location: Prague
size: 120 sqm 
client: Puma
status: realization

The company Puma approached us with a specific brief - to create a multifunctional meeting point combining a shop with their social club concept and a cafe. The store is oriented especially towards young people who may discover Puma street wear products in a more amusing way and Puma also wished to make students of architecture to participate on the interior design.

Our role was therefore to organize a workshop with pre-selected students, to choose the most intriguing concept and, together with the winning student, to develop the concept to a realization. Tereza Komarkova, a student of architecture at the Technical University in Liberec, joined the edit! team for 6 months as she was chosen after the workshop for her original concept inspired by miners' cloakrooms in coal mines of the Ostrava industrial region. Miners used suspended steel chains to hang up their clothes and pull them up to make them ventilated. In Puma store the chains serve to present the products and to modify the inner space or even to free it up for various occasions or events. Their height can be controlled both manually or remotely and they can be also tied together to create a sort of chain trees with products.

The building where the Puma social club store is located is the birthplace of Franz Kafka, in the very heart of the historical centre of Prague. The approach was first to clean up the space from additional non-historic interventions and then unite all public areas by a massive wooden floor. Besides the chains the major interior feature is a long bar cladded in rusted steel plates that also serves as a retail counter. The rusted steel is used also at specially designed walls of perforated plates where shoes and apparel are presented. You can see the video documenting the process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SE_IvL0b7Ow    

Project architect: Ivan Boroš (edit!)
Author of the winning concept: Tereza Komárková (student of Faculty of Architecture, Technical University in Liberec)
Co-authors: Ivan Boroš (edit!), Juraj Calaj (edit!), Lenka Míková (edit!), Vítězslav Danda (edit!), Tereza Komárková
Photographs of realization: Saša Dobrovodský (www.dobrovodsky.cz)
Client: Puma Czech Republic
Project managment: Martin Šourek, Didaktik-CZ (www.didaktik-cz.cz)
Estimated costs: 93 000 Euro