year: 2013
location: Berlin, Germany
size: 6000 m2
client: Tippin Corporation
status: prestudy

The new residential building should replace a concrete panel block with a very specific location - it is adjacent to a brick monumental complex of a former electrical transformer station called Humboldt Berlin (designed by Hans Muller in 1926). Our design aims to create a balanced contrast with the historical landmark, without competing with it. We propose an abstract random facade constantly changing with the play of shadows and reflections to become a bride of the old and static Humboldt.

The northern facade keeps the street line and recreates the missing street corner. The proposed volume profits maximally from the southern orientation towards the courtyard and views to the city center. The facade recessions create atractive apartment layouts in the connections to their exterior space and adds them more privacy. Which is what makes the building located in the popular residential preylauerberg area even more unique.