house on house

year: 2011 - 2013
location: Mníšek pod Brdy
size: 100 m2
client: private
status: realized
photo: Mark Prethero /

How to deal with a height difference of the road and the plot and with the regulations requiring a gable roof? How to design a house maximizing the connection with the garden?

The client's request, small house with a big plot, resulted in a two-storey building, where the vast majority of the living space is located on the lower floor in direct contact with the terrace and the garden. The terrace is covered by a roof overhang, which also shades the southern facade.

Upstairs, in a small gable house, there is an entrance hall and a guest room facing south. Huge linden tree by the creek in the south part of the plot is the main attraction of the garden.

Peace, linden tree, sheeps in the meadow, castle ...