Seifertova street

year: 2017
location: Prague 3
size: 330 m
client: IPR
status: studie

Edit! is located in Žižkov and we all resonate with local atmosphere. When IPR asked us to participate in competition to make a study of public space practically behind a corner from our studio we were excited. We couldn’t say no to the opportunity of reconstructing place that we walk through almost daily. The brief included the design of the public space at the tram stop Lipanská with adjancent parts of Seifertova and Taboritska streets. After winning the competition we've completed the competition design with complex solution of all adjancent public spaces.

Changes to Seifertova lie in interconnecting of two different street levels (Seifertova and Chlumova) making it more habitable, easier to walk through for pedestrians and slowing down the traffic. The space was remodeled due to the fact that the tram station Lipanská functions as access point for nearby municipal office of Prague 3. Pathways are defined by triangular areas made of prefabricated concrete panels with greenery inside.

Historic staircase is left in its original form. It will be refurbished and its top and bottom landings are going to be supplemented with small architectural objects - bowl-like bench at the top and water element reminiscent of former water pump at the bottom. Light installation from LEDs is placed in the front surfaces of the stairs with possibility of displaying different patterns.

Similarly to Seifertova there is level barrier in the form of a wall for underground parking. That is why the pathway and the space in front of Bezovka are connected with new staircase gradually recessing into the slope. This area is also supplemented with benches, newly planted tree, advertising medium, railings and traffic banisters.