Karlín Group Offices

invited competition 2018
We have participated in a competition for the new offices of a real estate development company Karlín Group. The existing space has a typical office layout with a central core (communications, ventilation, hygiene blocks), 2 long corridors and small narrow office units oriented around the facade. This creates a dark and anonymous space without any human interactions. We have intervened into this setup by demolishing some of the partitions (based on spatial demands defined in the brief). Thanks to this, we have created a fluid open-space, locally divided by closed private units. This solution reduces the length of corridors and naturally separates open-space areas of various teams within the company. To emphasize particular units and to solve the acoustics in open-space offices, we introduce heraklith wall cladding on exposed partitions. These cladding come in specific geometric and color composition and create a specific color atmosphere of every particular space.