Polyfunctional House with a Castle

study 2012
The plots are located in the crossing of the Náchodská and Jívanská streets. At the moment they are occupied by a multifunctional two-storey house with an attic, one-storey garage and a garden. Given the location with two frequented streets along the edges, any construction project becomes fairly significant, regarding the function and the architectonic and the urban viewpoints. Our client wished to replace the original building with a new one, which would reflect the importance of the locality in a better fashion. The advantageousness of the plot comes with certain restrictions in form of noise, air pollution from the frequented streets and difficult connection to the road, which needs to be addressed in the project. We proposed a design of a three-storey building in the corner of the plot, with the aim to emphasize the significance of the locality. The main facade is facing south into the calm courtyard, the northern facade faces the Náchodská street and it is slightly angled, which helps to emphasize the corner of the building, facing into the crossroad. The northern facade within its angle hosts an entrance into a small passage, which leads to the calm courtyard and entrance to the store, located on the first floor. The main dominant of the public area can be an old model of Karlštejn castle, which used to be an attraction of the garden.