Restaurant Globus

realization 2017
The Globus company tries to modernize its restaurants over time and in the Center Černý Most, they decided to test a new concept, where a short ordered kitchen is newly implemented alongside the usual self-service part and the issue counter.
The concrete prefab hall does not create a pleasant atmosphere for dining. Despite this, its height enables a two level solution. We have decided to insert a second floor level, which multiplies the seating area for guests. We have inserted an orthogonal steel framed grid into the space. In the next step, some fields of the grid got closed and some remained empty. The mutual composition creates different atmopshere depending on the type of space. In areas where the major movement of people is expected, empty fields allow glimpses of the height and distance, which allows easier orientation in this space. In places where there will be mainly seating for the customers, the fields are covered by lowered ceiling to create a pleasant atmosphere for dining with appropriate lighting. 

01. Original state

02. Embedded steel construction for mezzanine

03. Embedded gastro module

04. Embedded mezzanine for the second height level of the seating

05. Embedded dividing elements

06. Venkovní terasa