study 2018
The aim of this project was to design a network of roofed and secured places for bicycle parking nearby stops of public transportation. This was also a way of supporting the Park + Ride system as a more ecological equivalent to Park + Drive. As a helpful reference for our design we received 3 localities spread out from the center to the outskirts of Prague, where the design can be tested- Holešovice Railway Station, space in front of metro at Českomoravská and Klánovice Railway Station.

Parking with a bicycle is a process which should ideally take up as little time and effort as possible. The object itself should be utilitarian, functional, simple and maintenance-free. It also should not attract attention. That is why our designed shape tries to be decent and functional. Instead of creating ad hoc placed objects around the city, we propose a modular parking system.

We divided the object into modules according to the function. The modules can be arranged at the exact location according to the spacial, capacity and design requirements.

The modules are made in a controlled environment and completed at the site. This process will shorten the installation time and allow better quality as well as lower the price.

Modular system allows different size and design options as well as easy, cheap and quick production and installation. Nevertheless, every new location needs its own proposal to specify size, shape, facade design and exact location.