Apartment buildings Seifertova

Apartment houses Seifertova

realization 2021 – 2023
The surroundings of Winston Churchill‘s square has been going through some major developmental changes in the past few years and we are extremely glad, that now, after years of gaining permissions, the time has come for us to add up to it by reconstructing three appartment buildings – House no. 11, 13 and 15 on Seifertova street.

We decided to add one floor to each of the original buildings, in order to partially even them up with higher surrounding buildings, thereby softening their disproportion and creating gradually decreasing roof scenery, so typical for Žižkov. This way the city block is naturally completed in reaction to the street‘s inclination.

The building modifications of House no. 15 on the part facing the courtyard are based on the original form, where both parts of the building – the one facing the courtyard and the other facing the street, are both of the same height. As a part of the new architectural design of the courtyard section, the original pitched roof is replaced by receding floor and a new extension in the most northern part.

The courtyard has a covered garage shared by all three buildings in a volume of current extensions. The conjoined roof of the garage serves as a platform for dooryards for the appartments at the second floor. The complex system of retaining walls and concrete staircases interconnecting individual levels is completed with a two floor object of a loft studio, situated in place of original storehouse.

The intention of the design is to articulate the facades so that it is possible to distinguish the three buildings from each other and thereby confirm the natural rhythm of appartment buildings in given area. The facades of Houses no. 11 and 13, facing the couryard are complemented by glazed elevator shafts and balconies. Furthermore the galleries of the House no. 15 were restored to their original form and are used as a living space for the residents of the adjacent appartments.

Overall there are 75 housing units in the upper floors and 6 non-residential units located in the parter, totalling at 3600 m2 of usable floor area within all the three buildings.

In cooperation with: Ing. arch. Jakub Žoha, PSN

Visualizations by: Dousek-Záborský