House near Prague

realization 2019
In order to make an older building after purchase liveable again, it is usually neccessary to perform rather significant intervention. This family house near Prague happened to have all the typical troublesome aspects of reconstruction at his disposal.

This odd object was hiding inside an unfunctional disposition with the main living space oriented towards the north and whats more – facing the street. The main entrance was on the south side of the house, which forced everyone to go around the whole house through the garden in order to get inside. The garden itself was in no way interconnected with the interior, which was mainly caused by poor placement of the object on terrain.

In our design we managed to gradually eliminate these prime shortcomings. We relocated the main entrance to the north-east side, and the original part of the building, which served as an entrance, was destroyed and rebuild into a kitchen and a dining room. Thanks to this alteration of the building, together with the removal of the original pyramidal roof, we accomplished much more interesting proportions of the house.

In our proposal we introduced compulsory ventilation with recuperation. Thanks to not only this, but also to other smart changes, we enabled our clients to succesfuly obtain grant from an ecological program “Zelená úsporám”.