Reconstruction of a House
in Letňany

realization 2016
This semi-detached house from the first half of the 20th century, located in the old part of Letňany, was designed with a classical layout- the entrance was placed in the back to be as close as possible to the farmhouses in the courtyard, windows of the living area oriented towards a quiet street in the front. By moving the main living area in the direction of the garden and by adjusting the level of the terrain to the ground floor, a central outdoor living space is created, which interconnects the house, the garage and a gazebo, remade from an old penthouse. The entrance to the house is now accessible from the side of a driveway. In the middle of the layout a wooden cube was set and panelled with pine plywood. The sliding door of two corner rooms and a bathroom are adjacent to the cube. The first floor consists of two kids-rooms, dressing room and a bathroom.