House in Černošice

study 2022
E. T. phones home… a nearly extra-terrestrial house landed in Černošice. However, we did not seek inspiration from other space civilizations, as we paid tribute to the legendary Sevan Writers House in Armenia. The non-traditional one-storey family house is situated in the highest part of the sloped plot not only because of its easy connection to the adjacent street, but also to protect it from the noise caused by both trains and weir situated down the hill. The circular floor plan responds to the shape of the plot while it attenuates minimal distances from neighbouring plots. The living rooms, located in the main facade, face the river valley. A pleasant intimacy in the bedrooms is achieved due to the fact that the windows are facing the two atriums, while a partial view of the valley is possible through the living room. The cantilevered front balcony connects to the main living space in the maximum possible width, creating a smooth and undisturbed transition between the house and the landscape.