Moma Yoga

realization 2013
Client asked us to design a pop-up yoga studio at the top floor of an office building in the centre of Prague. The idea was to run the studio at this particular space for about three years and then move it into a new build building. Because of that the interior has to be completed as soon as possible with an appropriate budget. The space is illuminated by the grid of round skylights which was together with existing columns and two vertical cores the basic limit for organizing required program. The program has public (great hall, two individual rooms and service) and private parts. All the rooms are accessible from the central reception space. Surfaces and material solution is based on massive wooden floor, white painting and exposed technical installations. The rooms are visually connected by using horizontal skylights below the ceiling. 

spolupráce: Marie Makeeva (nástěnné ilustrace)
fotografie: Michal Šeba