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edit! deals with projects of premium residential and commercial buildings with an overlap into the public space. We enjoy buildings with an interesting history, the storyline of which we have a unique opportunity to enter. Our designs are characterised by their layering, vibrancy and innovative approach. Our clients can rely on our comprehensive grasp of all design activities related to the implementation – from design through permitting to author’s supervision and construction management.

edit! is the process of finding a balance between specifications, regulations and budget with an emphasis on quality. We enter into various levels of space, where we leave our mark and our typically atypical handwriting. We design, add, change, subtract, search – we edit the environment. We create architecture!

edit! always works with respect for the client, his ideas and possibilities, as well as the authenticity of the environment. The freedom of creation and trust of our clients allow us to create buildings that differ not only visually, but also by the uniqueness of processing and attention to detail.

Edit with us!

edit! is not just an architectural office, edit! is a lifestyle!

Ing. arch. Ivan Boroš

partner architect

Ing. arch. Juraj Calaj

partner architect

Ing. arch. Vítězslav Danda

partner architect

Ing. Bára Drábková

marketing/office manager

Ing. arch. Jakub Vysoký

senior architect

Ing. arch. Marek Tůma

senior architect

MgA. Lenka Juchelková


Ing. arch. Vojtěch Novotný


Ing. arch. Jan Pernekr


Ing. arch. Iveta Kopecká


Ing. arch. Tobiáš Tatíček


Ing. arch. Natália Čuntová


Ing. arch. Adam Galvánek


Bc. Michal Klimeš

junior architect

Arch. Catherine Ciminà

architect intern

B. Sc. Henrieta Atwine

architect intern

we cooperated with

Oluboyo Grace Oluwaseyi, Dominika Klavrzová, Lilyana Dermendjieva, Ifigeneia Karakosta, Renée Serale, Nina Beganović, Francisca Mendonça, Vojtěch Beneš, Šimon Dočekal, Tomáš Voborský, Julie Pecharová, Nikola Stibůrková, Tomáš Pavlakovič, Eliška Morysková, Marie Bendová, Prokop Matěj, Lorena Brează, Manuel Magnaguagno, Dario Marcobelli, Jana Vichorcová, Jan Holub, Kateřina Blahutová, Fernando Comas Mayans, Kateřina Pazourkouvá, Daria Goral, Dominika Taklová, Maria Jose Jimenez Gonzalez, Kimberley Noble, Kevin Roller, Tarek Shafagoj, Mélusine Le Brun, Anais Chevis, Joely Peña Reeves, Tereza Komárková, Cristina Robina Bergareche, Thomas Delameillieure, Cecilia Segovia Collado, Pedro Sousa Santos, Anna Skrzydlewska, Matouš Godík, Lenka Míková

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Our office is professionally insured up to 25 million of CZK.

Ing. arch. Juraj Calaj, Ing. arch. Vítězslav Danda, Ing. arch. Jakub Vysoký, Ing. arch. Marek Tůma are authorized architects.

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