Tayēr | Elementary bar in London

realisation 2019
two concepts I one space

After many years of working in the most prestigious bars in the world, bartender Alex Kratěna has decided to open a place of his own in London incorporating the unique concept tayēr + elementary. It is an unconventional combination of two different bar concepts brought together in one space. Elementary, as the name suggests, is based on a simple concept of an all-day open bar with plain drinks, bottomless coffee, and a range of smaller meals. On the other hand – tayēr offers ever changing cocktail and dining menu, which adapts according to the seasonally available ingredents.

The commercial unit on the ground floor of an administrative building on London’s Old Street didn’t exactly fit the vision of realisation of our client’s dream, especially the capacity and operational requirements were not met. Alex’s original intention was to run two separated bars, however, it was unfortunately not possible to achieve in this instance. The Old Street location turned out to be an ideal location in the end and the only thing needed was to figure out, how to interconnect operation of both spaces into one unit, without one overshadowing the other.

Selected solution allows the raw concrete skeleton construction to penetrate the entire space, which is visually divided into two autonomous parts by a profiled concrete screen (designed by Maxim Velčovský).
Bar Elementary is situated in the front, and faces the street with a glass facade, tayēr is hidden in the rear, more intimate part. The identity of both spaces is enhanced by the use of two shades of wood veneers. An important operating element is the unique gastro-technology, tailored to the client’s needs by the Norwegian Company “Behind Bars Agency”.

The modular shelving system,as well as wall cabinets, reacts to the lack of storage space in the facilities and also provides partial storing of goods directly in the guest area. In the rear part of the space, following the inner atrium of the building, there is a community table made of solid wood intended for professional trainings and workshops as a part of the Outthink platform.

ad hoc: If you were looking at the world’s 50 best bars (2021) while visiting London and wanted a cocktail, you wouldn’t have to look far for exceptional places. The Tayer + Elementary business narrowly missed out on gold in it, finishing in second place behind the Connaught bar, also in London.

foto: archiv tayēr + elementary