Pragovka Cowork

koncepční studie 2018
The aim of the pre-study is to analyze parts of the interior of the Pragovka building to accomodate the newly developed concept of a co-working office space. We distinguish 4 main spatial behaviors in todays office spaces: FOCUS, SOCIALIZE, LEARN and COLLABORATE – collaborating with others. We define the main functions in a office / cowork interior. The functions are in a mutual synergy. The main functions (considered as leasable areas) such as cowork places, dedicated desks, private offices and leasable meeting rooms are complemented by non-leasable functions. These are important in the overall setup, because the provide the space with the possibilities mentioned above. The proper mix of all the function and their proper spatial distribution form a successful cowork space. For every function we define a specific volume / box / furniture type. These elements carry various roles in the interior concept. They form natural paravans – space dividors. They enable to orientate in the space and they are a carrier of information and navigation graphics. They scale down the space into more confortable units of approximately 25 to 50 sqm. These elements are either freestanding or attached to existing partitioning. These elements are not site- specific. They can be distributed in any available interior.