Reconstruction of a villa in Smíchov

of a villa in Smíchov

study 2019
The main task is to transform the early 20th century villa into a modern residential building which reflects contemporary standards of city living. The brief demands the extension of the existing three-storey volume with an additional rooftop attic and garden extension. The existing house is located in a residential area of ​​Smichov in Prague. It is part of a row of houses of similar size with beautiful views of the valley. The possible size of the rooftop addition, in the form of one full and one receding floor, is defined by the height of the surrounding buildings and by the Prague Building Regulations. The volume of the garden extension also respects a built-up area usual for the location. The architecture of the rooftop extension is based on the client’s preferred contrast between old and new. The original house remains preserved, including the gable walls and the decorative facade, while a receding volume is added. The terraces on both floors are connected by stairs, allowing for smooth connection between all the levels including the roof and defining the final form of the rooftop extension. The contrast is supported by aluminium cladding with vertical alignment. The one-storey extension in the garden is hidden underground; only cutouts for the windows and terraces are visible from the outside. The internal arrangement of this extension follows the sloping terrain to create living spaces that intersect at several height levels.