La Bottega Gastronomica

realization 2013
Riccardo Lucque is well-known for always giving a great emphasis on quality. Even before he contacted us, he must have known that the space in Žižkov had the quality he was looking for. Our main task was to discover it and present it in a clear way to the customers. The most attractive feature is the intense connection between the interior and exterior through large windows, which can be almost entirely open during hot summer months. The space is therefore very light and offers beautiful views of the Mahler Park and the Žižkov tower. Considering that, we decided to place a bench for the guests to sit on directly in the windows and at the same time we gained space for the circulation of customers along the countertop.
Given that the space also serves as a shop with Italian food, it was necessary to design a maximum possible number of shelves for the displaying of the various products. Upon entering the space one is entirely surrounded by the tempting scent of cheese, sausages, wine, sweets and prosciutto, and this is obviously from a business point of view the ideal situation.
The material solution is based on the emphasis of natural materials and well-illuminated interior. The modular shelving system is made of solid oak, fitted with white oil paint. Workspaces are a combination of stainless steel, black granite and white ceramic tiles.

fotografie: Saša Dobrovodský