Reconstruction of a villa in Vinohrady

realization 2020
program Adaptation of an early 20th century villa for an IT company;


begin copy (
begin copy (basic unit (
‘4 + 4 = 8 employees on each floor’);

begin copy (layout (
‘large, light working rooms,
begin copy layout (1 meeting room’
begin copy layout (‘chill out or phone booths in smaller rooms
begin copy layout (‘vertical distance to kitchen / hygiene facilities
begin copy layout (max 18 steps’);

begin copy (connection (
‘every room connected with two others’
begin copy connection (‘acces to exterior at each floor’);
begin copy ()

begin paste (basic unit + layout + connection) to
floors 1-4

begin visual (‘zoning – 2 structural walls cladded with wooden
begin visual (panels from basement to attics’
begin visual (‘renovation of all historical details, repase dveří,
begin visual (renovation of all historical details,’);

begin Error (
‘blue, green, yellow and red staircases’);
begin Name Error (
design for an IT company with emphasis
begin Name Error on exact and analytic work approach 
begin Name Error not afraid of bold and creative solution )