Restaurant Aromi

realisation 2015
Aromi is the flagship of Riccard Lucques restaurants. At first, our task was to redesign his original restaurant, but one day we received a call from Riccard saying “Stop designing, we have a new location!”. He choosed a beautiful place on the Peace Square. The restaurant itself is divided into the part of a casual bistro facing the street, and the part of the restaurant facing into the courtyard. Big emphasis was on building an open kitchen, where the customers would get to see the cooks preparing the meals. Another necessity was an integrated wine shop with space dedicated for sommeliers.
The guidelines with Riccardos ideas of the space, we received in the form of a piece of newspapers he got on a plane and wrote notes on them. We proposed unification of colours into earthy shades, where the colour of dark oak wood on the floor gradually changes on the wall into a light beige, which connects with facing made out of light marble. Colorful accent was achieved by green upholestery of the furniture, golden lining of the bar and the historical brassy hooks behind the bar.

foto: Saša Dobrovodský, archiv Aromi