Pavilion of Glass
in Klatovy

invited competition 2013
How should one display a collection of precious decorative glass vases and other art-pieces by the famous glass company Loetz? The greatly shaped and colourful vases in the style of art nouveau are like a jewel of the interior and jewel always excels the most on a naked body. That is why our design proposes to purify the original pavilion from the 60’s located in the garden of Vlastivědné Muzeum and we want to do so regarding the shape, the layout and the materials. In our design, the original object is transformed into a simple and pure pavilion, which blends in with its environment, while letting the exhibit to excel as much as possible. The outer facade comprises of a combination of reflective aluminium panels and big windows without frames. Both of these materials reflect their surroundings, which helps the pavilion to blend in. Also both of these materials enabled us to create a subtle contrast of the perfect constructional details of the space and the vases with their loose morphology. The layout of the interior is strictly directed by the aim for continuity of the curved space for the exhibition, which is terminated by wall of glass connecting the space with the garden and also serving as an allurement for people passing by. All other rooms required for operating the pavilion are located outside the main hall in the back of the building in its two-story apse right in front of the main entrance. This creates a worthy space in front of the pavilion with benches for relaxation right under grown trees. The design counts with the possibility of placing an additional exhibition outside.