Underpasses of the Prague main railway station

invited competition 2021
Our competition proposal aims to create a distinctive and memorable visual identity of the underpasses of Pragues` main railway station. We emphasize the qualities of the original designg and therefore the main inspiration is the architectural solution of the brutalist check-in hall and the historic Art Nouveau building. The unified appearance differs only in the strong color of the individual underpasses, which supports the easy orientation of passengers.

Granite tiles of two shades of gray are used on the floor, designed on the basis of the morphology of the tiles in the new check-in hall. The paving strips facilitate orientation and guide passengers towards the exits to the platform and to the information boards. The coffered ceiling with light circles is a reminiscence of tubular luminaires in a circular field in the check-in hall and also follows the specific aesthetics of the cassette lining in the interiors of Prague’s transport structures.