Slivenec – Lány

study 2020
Our task was to develop a functional, sustainable urban development. The masterplan comprises of low-rise housing units and single family houses combined with leisure and educational facilities. All buildings are arranged around a system of public park areas following the local bio-corridor connecting major parks in the neighbourhood.

We set up a network of main and service roads defining main urban blocks. Commercial, leisure and educational facilities are oriented at the northern part of the triangular plot, facing busy main traffic axis. This part forms an acoustic buffer for the southern residential part.

The project is focused on sustainability. We propose a system of waste management, composting and rain water recycling. Main building openings are oriented towards South direction to maximize energy gains in winter while being provided with effective shading systems to prevent overheating in summer. All buildings are also provided with solar panels, thus the conventional energy consumption is reduced by 30-50 percent. The remaining energy can be obtained through local bio-waste-to-energy plant or existing local heat-pipes. We emphasize rain water management and the whole development is designed with ability to locally retain water through careful landscaping. Parking for all residents is concentrated in few parking houses or underground so majority of the neighborhood is kept pedestrian, which allowed us to reduce areas covered by roads. All buildings are designed with zero energy consumption.