of a Farmhouse
at Žloukovice

realization 2011
The house is located by the main road of the village Žloukovice, the object itself is a part of a bigger farmhouse complex, which is oriented facing the river Berounka on the east. It is a one storage house with an attic and a small basement. The original layout stayed unchanged and fulfills the strict regulation of CHKO Křivoklátsko (a protected landscape area), the living space in both- the ground floor and the attic- are located on the east side, looking down to the river. The main change to the original, is a big 6,2m wide window with a broad windowsill in the living room, which serves as an extension of the living space and a resting zone. Thanks to the new layout it is possible to bypass the central hygienic core. The farmhouse has a white facade, a reference to the original lime paint of the old country houses. The object is put on the original massive stone foundations, the walls compose of firebricks, the wooden roof is insulated in between the rafters, roofing itself is made out of fiber cement templates fabricated in the nearby Beroun, inner non-load-bearing structures are made out of blocks and SDK constructions, the windows are from a combination of wood and aluminium, the wooden doors inside are non rebated, the floor composes of a combination of ceramic tiles and a massive wooden mosaic called “kantovka”. The whole building is insulated and is heated by wood pellet boiler.

foto: Michal Šeba