House in Kamenice

realization 2022
Into the calm and peaceful environment of residential district in Kamenice, located in the southeast surroundings of Prague, we propose a design of a family house, which we situate on a flat plot in the corner of the street. The composition of the house reflects the idea of a four member family living in it. The plot itself has already grown and evolved with the rest of the district, we appreciate and respect this layout by situating the main part of the building into the center of the plot, preserving grown trees in its surroundings. The most attractive side of the house faces southwest, serving as medium interconnecting the house with the garden in the maximum width possible. The house disposes with a square ground plan without hallways, where the adjacent rooms can be accessed from the central living area. Splay of corners changes the shape of rooms and orients them optimally to the cardinal directions. In the banked volume above the living room, disposing with a beautiful landscape view, we see a potential for a guest room or a study.