House in Malešice

study 2019
This site is located on the borderline between two distinctive urban structures- family houses and multistory apartment houses. We see this contrasting border as an opportunity to fully unfold the typology of a town house, which follows the urban scale of its surroundings, but at the same time it provides its residents with enough privacy. The house stays interconnected to the adjacent terraced house and respects current street line. By composing four volumes set up around a central axis, an organic composition arises, which uses its two banked volumes to interfere with undesirable visual contact with the street, providing the much needed privacy in the garden and adjacent part of the house. The scattered assembly of volumes divides the garden into several areas serving multiple functions such as a party terrace next to the living area, a playground area for the kids and a herb garden. The two- storey house is designed without basement but it disposes with garage, which is, as well as the entrance, situated towards the Káranská street. The living room, the kitchen and the study are facing into the garden. On the first floor there are situated the day-part and the amenities of the house. We propose a very simple material solution for the house, which naturally blends in with the surroundings: the facade composes of a fine-grained plaster with horizontal grooves contrasting with precise details of anodized aluminum window frames. Additional materials are stone, wood, concrete and glass.