Revitalisation of the Štvanice Island in Prague

Revitalisation of
the Štvanice Island in Prague

study 2014
The vision for future of the Štvanice island is based on its history. Many Prague citizens still think of the island in the context of activities, which are long gone. By their restoration and by adding a few new ones, we can follow up to the unique history of this space with a new life. Štvanice could once more be a significant place for relaxation and an interesting meeting point for people with its city park situated by the Vltava river. For all of this to happen, the first thing needed is an easy way to get to the island. Multiple footbridges can ease the way for both pedestrians and cyclists from surrounding neighborhoods. New tram station would open up the island to everyone from the whole city center. Finished Fuchs coffee shop is going to form a dominant and an entrance. Its back side is once again going to be transformed into a tribune for a year-round skating rink- a live memorial of Czech tradition of ice-hockey and figure skating. In our design we also propose connecting the old swimming pool with a hidden spa. The arches of Negrelli viaduct can be filled up with utility rooms for new sports fields, the rest of the island can be filled up with places to sit, pathways, moles, trees, birds, murmur of the river…….and people.