The Sokol Sports Complex in Chrudim

competition 2014
The Sokol Sports Complex in Chrudim is situated on the major axis of civil amenities, which gradually goes up from the Ressels Square and is terminated by the former Sokol and onto it connected Tyršův house. Although the resort has such an important position in the context of the city, it also acts as a barrier in the area. The proposal aims to primarily access and connect to the premises of the surrounding buildings and public spaces. Distribution of the desired program into discrete objects – pavilions, creates a porous urban structure, enables visitors to access the small Piazzettas between objects from several key locations of the public space. An important part of the design is the connection with Michalský park dominated by the Church of St. Michael in the neighborhood. Distribution of the whole construction program into more independent objects allows phasing of the construction into more stages. Object Sokol and especially its western facade facing the Tyršovo Square is a feature worth noticing mainly for its views from the square. We decided to reverse the course of this ongoing tragedy and that is why we propose a restoration of part of the façade to its original state from the 1892. We believe that Sokolovna should once again become the landmark of this area. The fact that the resort is surrounded by several schools predisposes the Piazzetta and adjacent Michael’s park to be used evenly throughout the day.