180° house

realization 2014
Is it possible to rotate a family house without neither a massive demolition, without nor reaching out for hydraulics nor magic? Yes, just do it! It is still unclear what led the original architects back in the times of socialism to orient a house on such a generous plot facing the other way around, but they did it. The main entrance, as well as the vertical junction, are situated on the west, facing the garden, the living room on the other hand is located on the side of the rather busy street. Proposed solution of connecting the garden with the living room and the rest of the living space, was discarded mainly due to the high price of demolition of the staircase. We decided to lead the main entrance through the ground floor, which used to serve as a form of a basement. Thanks to this change, the house gained new access straight from the street. This enabled us to connect the tubus with the staircase to the living room and through new perforations it is possible to see into the beautiful garden.

foto: Julie Hrnčířová